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Your Life and Relationships



Your Pathway to Conflict Resolution, Relationship Restoration & Life Coaching

M. Thorpe & Associates Inc.

M. Thorpe & Associates Inc. is an Aboriginal owned business committed to the well-being and evolution of all human beings. We bring years of experience in personal and organizational/ community development and liaison. 

We incorporate traditional and non-traditional teachings into our conflict resolution practice while helping our clients deal with real issues.


M. Thorpe & Associates Inc.

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The Illusion of Fear


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We believe that authentic conversation is the basis to creating change, transforming ourselves and building and sustaining strong communities and organizations. All of our interventions enable individuals and teams to raise their level of consciousness, enhance their speaking and listening skills and learn how to relate constructively to one another. Cultural sensitivity, impartiality, flexibility and discretion are key principles to how we approach and conduct all of our work.

An Experience That Will Enlighten Your World

Unlock your true potential and create a life you love with our Life & Executive Coaching services. We will guide you on a transformative journey, helping you break free from limiting beliefs and overcome obstacles that have been holding you back.


Discover the key to living a stress-free and courageous life with our transformative online coaching programs. Embark on a journey of personal growth and empowerment today with our life-changing online coaching programs.


Are you tired of the conflicts and divisions tearing apart your relationships and communities? We believe in the transformative power of mediation to heal wounds, strengthen relationships, and foster growth.


Introducing Workplace Restoration, a powerful solution to restore harmony and strengthen working relationships. Through focused, courageous dialogue, our Workplace Restoration Circle helps your team move towards action and resolution.


With Family Interventions, you'll gain advanced strategies to redefine problems and create positive changes in your relationships. Experience intensive personal growth and watch as your family thrives together.


Unlock the power of inspiration and transformation with our captivating keynote speaking services. With over two decades of experience in human development, we bring dynamic presentations to both intimate gatherings and large, diverse audiences.


We Offer a Range of Services to Meet All Types of Needs


Designed to Empower and Inspire


Real People, Real Stories, and Real Results


Matt did a great job helping to resolve an on-going conflict between two of my leaders. In particular he was able to have all three of us identify our roles in the conflict which enabled us to move on to solutions.

David De Launey

Through his authentic self and experience, and with his powerful questions, Matt helped the parties reconsider their perspective and responsibilities and move into a solution mode.

Serge Jette

Matt empowers people to look at the truth in a straight and respectful way. He encourages action and moving forward. He has a unique ability create connection with people.

Kara Deringer

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