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Living Courageously Masterclass Program


This dynamic transformative program will motivate you to SHIFT your world of comfort and embrace FEAR as a springboard to extraordinary LIVING . It will challenge you to rise above the “stories” that have been stopping you and allow you to transform your inner world. Don’t hold back another moment… get ready to dive in and explore your purpose, identity and potential. In this masterclass program, you will learn to:

  • Get in alignment with the essence of who you are

  • Get clarity and confidence on how to create purpose and meaning in your life

  • Successfully re-program your mind for success and happiness

  • Consistently care for your body, mind and soul

Matt Thorpe kneeling over a mosaic artwork that says imagine
  • Monthly group coaching webinars

  • Monthly individual coaching sessions

  • Monthly practical exercises and reflective questions


Within 24 hours of registering for this transformational program, you will receive your first email with instructions on how to participate. This program can be done from the privacy of your own home and everything you receive as part of this program is yours to keep. 


Month 1

Motivation and Commitment

Are you creating the juice in your life to stimulate you into being the best version of yourself? Are you uplifted and fulfilled every single day, or are you faking it? If you are tired settling for the status quo and are ready to create an extraordinary life, this masterclass will motivate you to look at who and what is in your world today. It will push you to reflect on who you are being in your world and to get honest about what you’ve been up to. 

Month 2

What is the identity you’ve been making up and what is the payoff? Is your identity true or false, and why are you so attached to it? What would happen if you stopped living into the story of “who you are”? In this masterclass, you will be challenged to untangle any confusion you have about your identity and to start taking apart the inauthenticity you’ve been acting out in your life up until now. Once you get to know your “act”, you can shift the payoff you get from it, press the reset button and start creating an authentic life filled with purpose, meaning and contribution.

Month 3

Are you using your gifts, talents, passion and experiences to make a contribution? Are you creating something profound in your life? Are you living like your life depends on it, or are you just “doing” life? Sometimes we don’t know that our world is small. Other times, we know we’re playing small, but we don’t trust that we are capable of playing bigger. In this masterclass, we will explore what it will take to expand your capacity on all levels –mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually so you can live BIG!

Month 4

How are you paralyzed by fear in your life? Are you afraid to build the mental and emotional capacity you need in order to get to the other side of your fears? In this masterclass, you will be guided to look at the repetitive patterns and situations that are showing up in your life and given tools to push through those fears. You will learn the importance of allowing fear to take you through an experience so you can grow from it instead of staying stuck in it.

Month 5

Why do we set ourselves up to believe things that are not even true? What if we didn’t believe anything to be true? What if it all means nothing? What if we believed we could handle whatever situation comes our way without having to plan for it? What if we didn’t use our mental and emotional energy to identify with beliefs that are not serving us well? In this masterclass, you will learn to recognize and dis-identify from past stories and beliefs so you can start to experience a sense of emotional freedom and mental wellbeing.

Month 6

Can you trust yourself to manage your own emotions in any situation? Or do you try to prepare yourself emotionally for future events that may or may not happen? In this masterclass, you will start to gain awareness of the fact that no matter what has happened in your life up until now, you survived it. You’re still here. You handled it. When you can take the lessons from these painful experiences, you can learn to stay above your emotional baggage and from this detached state, you can move forward in total freedom.

Month 7

In this masterclass, you will learn to gain awareness of your “already listening”. We don’t always recognize when we are hearing someone from a place of “story” and past experiences but learning to communicate in a powerful way that is rooted in the present moment will quickly transform your relationships and your life.

Month 8

Are you enjoying your relationships? If you look at the people in your life, are you really giving them ALL of you? Or are you showing up from a place of fear of losing something or someone. Are you shifting and changing to please someone else or are you allowing yourself to show up in the full power of who you are? In this masterclass, we will discuss the fears, challenges and obstacles that cause you to shift who you are in certain relationships and/or environments. When you learn to be happy with who you are today and get over the fear of how people will react to YOU, you can create your life from this place of peace and centeredness within yourself.

Month 9

Are you committed to personal excellence every day? In this masterclass, you will be challenged to create the world you want to live in and given the tools to overcome the barriers to personal and professional excellence that you’ve been putting in your own way.

Month 10
Living Responsibly

Living responsibly is a simple concept, but a challenging process. In this masterclass, you will learn what it means to take responsibility for your feelings and assume control over your life. Stop blaming outside circumstances and other people for the way you feel, and discover how to view suffering as an option, rather than an unavoidable part of living.

Month 11
Living Courageously

Living courageously is not masking fear and keeping yourself in the relationships and environments that are safe and comfortable. Courage is building the competence and capacity to let fear guide you to places you’ve never been before. This is the place where you are no longer afraid because you have the confidence and courage to know that you can manage yourself through any conflict or challenge and get yourself through to the other side of that fear where a whole new world of fulfillment lies waiting for you.

Month 12
Living in Integrity

In this masterclass, we will get clear about what it takes to live responsibly and in a manner that is in accordance with your deepest values. This is about getting and staying committed to living in integrity with who you truly are.


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