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Coaching Programs


Do you feel worn out? Overextended? Stressed out? 

If you are tired of feeling anxious and stressed, then sign up for this transformational 7-Week Program. This coaching & training program will help you learn exactly how to make a positive and lasting transformation  in your mental and emotional state. You will get actionable tools, strategies, and insights to help you shift out of a state of stress and suffering and into a state of purpose and fulfillment.

Click on the image below to purchase or learn more about the De-Stress 7-Week Coaching & Training program.


De-Stress Coaching & Training Program

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The Living Courageously Masterclass is full year program that is literally going to shift the momentum of your life.

If you’re tired of living in fear, and playing small, this masterclass will provide you with the insights, strategies, and support you need to learn how to master your mind and your emotions so you can start living courageously, without the overwhelming presence of stress in your life. You will get everything you need to dissolve your recurrent mental and emotional challenges as well as a clear understanding of why some of the things you’ve tried haven’t worked.

Click on the image below to learn more about the Living Courageously Masterclass!


Living Courageously Masterclass Program

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If you are struggling with whether you should stay or go, this coaching program will help you create a massive shift in your relationship. It will help you gain the confidence and clarity to move forward by pressing the reset button and starting fresh – or to move forward without guilt, regret and emotional baggage. This program will show you how to Stand in the world of Integrity and either get recommitted to your relationship or to get out in a good way. 

BEFORE calling it quits, call for your free coaching call! 519-708-8578


Relationship Coaching Program

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